Innovata's Timetable Suite provides dynamically-updated timetables across a wide variety of distribution media.  Products and services include Internet Timetables, PC downloadable, PDF, and mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry.  

  • Innovata supplies timetables in 20 language versions.
  • The service is fully hosted on Innovata servers, providing a maintenance free service for customers.
  • The look and feel may be individually branded per client.
  • Offline functionality is available for some products so that an Internet connection is not required.
  • Custom deep links to booking/reservation systems may be added.
  • Monthly reports of usage and download statistics are provided for all hosted services.
  • Clients may choose from a wide range of timetable products, or a web service data feed for developers creating their own products.


Schedules Data for Timetable Development

Timetable data files may be supplied as "flat" files or via an API.  Choose from standard or custom-generated airline or airport-specific timetable files, including specific connection flights and routes to supplement direct flight listings.  

Key Features of Timetable Services

  • Daily, weekly or monthly schedules update.
  • Online or inter-line connections tailored to specific routes if required.
  • Connections constructed using the comprehensive SRS Minimum Connect Time database with over 87,000 minimum connect time exceptions.
  • Single or double connections generation.
  • Varying circuitry settings ensure that correct 'distance-based' connections are generated.
  • Maximum connection times can be specified down to individual city pairs.
  • Customer may choose any combination of flight data displayed, with an update frequency to suit their needs for distribution via any medium and channel.

Distribution Methods of Timetable Services


We work closely with our clients to design, build and maintain fully customized and branded Internet Timetable Displays. We manage and host over 100 timetables for airlines, airports and online travel sitesaround the world. Learn More


Innovata has timetable services for a generic mini browser which shows timetables displays on any computer with Windows operating system, or any mobile device that can access the Internet. There is also a suite of native mobile timetable applications for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry that provide travelers with crucial flight information at their fingertips. Each product is customized to your own specific requirements using data that can be quickly and easily downloaded via the app stores, or Innovata's hosting center. Learn More

Windows PC Downloadable

Provide your customers with a multifunctional and customized travel planner containing timetable look-up functionality, itinerary planner which can be printed, emailed and added to e-calendars, an information viewer, plus advertising opportunities available through splash screen rotating ads and banner ads on the flight results screens. Learn More

Printed PDF

Many airline and airport customers are using this distribution method to produce consistant timetables for downloading and printing locally. These timetables are distributed in a preformatted output for Excel or a PDF file. Learn More