Supplier Relations

It is our delight to provide this page for all our airline partners who submit Flight Schedules and Minimum Connect Time data to Innovata for inclusion in our database. Here we will keep you updated with our innovative developments that will help you work with us in an easier and more efficient way, always ensuring your data is being maintained with the highest of quality standards.

Every update you send us is passed through our quality control processes before being included in our database. If we find any errors, omissions or have any questions during the QC process we will contact you for clarification before processing your data.

After we have included your updates in our database we distribute the data to numerous clients around the world and also include your schedules in timetable systems we host for over one hundred travel related websites, as well as including your schedules in our flagship routemap product, FlightMaps.

If you have a participation agreement with Sabre, then we will be feeding your updates to Sabre for distribution to all Sabre, Abacus and Infini equipped travel agents worldwide. We update Sabre every Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Facts about Innovata's Aviation Database

  • Innovata is the leading source for comprhensive and accurate for worldwide airline schedule data and minimum connect time data.
  • We maintain a flight database representing more than 99% of the air segment miles flown worldwide and including approximately 900 passenger and cargo airlines.
  • The Minimum Connect Time database currently contains over 96,000 airline and airport exceptions. We provide a full concurrence service for you when you file interline minimum connect time values.
  • Since 2003 the database has been jointly marketed with IATA as the Schedule Reference Service (SRS).  IATA's mandate for the SRS was to provide to the aviation industry a secure and high quality service for the collection, validation, consolidation and distribution of airline schedules and related data.
  • Approximately 96% of the SRS database is completely updated and refreshed every week.
  • Innovata participates in all key industry related IATA working groups that set the standards and procedures for airline schedules management and distribution and we are committed to adhering to all current and future industry data standards and procedures.

Updating Schedules Data

Innovata can accept schedules updates in the way most suited and convenient to you. The most important thing is that you regularly update us so that we are always holding your most current schedules and distributing these to the industry.

We can accept SSIM data files, SSM, MS Excel, MS Word, even fax or email instructions.

Innovata does not charge any fees for submission and updating of your Flight Schedules or Minimum Connect Time records – regardless of the frequency of updates and method of update. We close out and distribute our schedules database on a daily basis.

SRS SkedSync - Secure Online Updating Tool

Innovata's SRS SkedSync, is an online solution that enables carriers to gain access to their currently held schedules in the SRS Database. Users can then enter complete or partial schedules as well as make ad hoc changes. SRS SkedSync can become your airline's main method of update to Innovata.

Data is validated against IATA industry code sets and allows you to logon anytime to review and control your schedules prior to submission into the SRS Database. This tool is free, simple to use and requires little or no training.

SRS SkedSync

Features of SRS SkedSync:

  • Allows quick changes to meet GDS deadlines
  • Fully compliant with SSIM industry standards
  • Intuitive screens allow for easy review and control of schedules
  • No restriction on usage
  • No training necessary
  • Demo site available

For more information please contact Alba Zuluaga at +1 678 318 3927 or email


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The Supplier Partnership Team and Responsibilities are:
Americas / Alba Zuluaga


Tel +1 678 318 3927
Caribbean / Alba Zuluaga


Tel +1 678 318 3927

Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands / Xiaoqing Yin


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Europe and CIS states / Zaidy Jacobo


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United Kingdom, Ireland / Zaidy Jacobo


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Middle East , Africa/ Matt Denk


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Asia / Indian Sub-Continent / Xiaoqing Yin


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MCT Data / Bonnie Chou


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