FlightMaps Design Edition




FlightMaps Design Edition, is a product for designers and marketeers, that works with Adobe Illustrator, to provide an instant map of your routes, which can be manipulated and then saved for high quality reproduction in brochures, conference posters etc.


  • FlightMaps Design Edition is a desktop product for designers & marketeers 
  • Full FlightMaps mapping features and functionality provided as a base map.
  • Generates mapping to show routes/flights and cities derived from data defined by client, which can be exported, for further editing and enhancing.
  • Uses Adobe Illustrator providing full flexibility to users who want to create files in eps,  jpeg, pdf, etc
  • Suitable for designers and marketing depts who have the need to produce flight maps for brochures, posters, conferences, and presentations
  • Schedules data updated as frequently as is needed to keep promotional material right up to date.
  • For Airline and Airports – for use inhouse or with your external agency.
  • Saves hours of creating your own map

FlightMaps Design Edition Frequently Asked Questions