IATA Codes

As an airline, one of the prerequisites for commercial distribution of your flight schedules data is to apply for an IATA Two Character Designator. Innovata can help streamline the application process. When you supply your schedules data to Innovata for use in our database, our Supplier Relations team will review that all mandatory data elements are present and comply with IATA’s requirements. Our team will then notify IATA that you have submitted your schedules to Innovata and are ready for IATA to review your application. While your application is being validated by IATA you may continue to send updates/changes of your schedule data to Innovata in preparation for distribution. 

Here are some of the features and benefits of Innovata’s IATA Code process:

  • IATA Stations File: We supply the Airport, City and Train locations with latitude and longitudes co-ordinates.
  • Our system is readily available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
  • IATA Equipment Codes: Our information contains all IATA Group and Sub Aircraft codes.
  • IATA Carrier Codes: Our information contains the official IATA and ICAO two- and three-letter codes.
  • IATA Time Zone / Daylight Saving Time: Our information contains start and end dates for three years out for every country in the world.

Innovata provides the following information:

For more information on Innovata’s IATA Code Files and processes, please contact us today.