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FlightMaps Desktop Standard Edition FAQ

1. How to do I use FlightMaps Desktop?

Select from three main display options:

  • Destinations – choose your flights from any city of origin either by selecting from the drop down search box or by clicking on a city on the map. (This display option is a useful way to show all destinations that can be served via Brisbane from any origin city plotted on the map – for example London to Melbourne - ensure the “include connections box” is ticked for this)
  • Routes – display all direct and connection routings between two cities or airports by selecting cities in the “leaving from” and “going to” drop down boxes.
  • Flights – display all services between two cities or airports with flight information for specific dates. The pop up calendar color codes each day of the month by service availability – direct flights, connection flights or no flights. Clicking on the +/- 3 day box will provide a week per view display of flights alongside the specific days of travel selected in the Results window.

Note: If no results are returned from a city pair search, it may be because no direct flights are available so try the search again, ensuring the “include connections” box is ticked

2. How do I zoom in?

Zoom in and out of the map using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols in the top left corner under the thumbnail map (top left hand corner) to optimise your view of the map.

3. How does the map move?

Move the map by holding down your mouse button and dragging the cursor over the map area, you can move to any geographic area of interest and then center it on your screen.

4. Can I view city names?

View city names by directing your mouse over any dot on the map to display the city name.The more you zoom in, the more city names are displayed automatically.

5. How do you display individual airlines?

Display individual airlines routes and schedules by selecting ‘With airline’ selection box.

6. How do I display timetables?

Display flight timetables by selecting search for 'Flights', then your city of origin, destination city and preferred travel dates.

7. Can I reset the map?

Reset the map and clear any lines or previously entered queries by clicking on ‘Reset map’(the icon with a circular arrow) at the bottom left of your screen, bottom of the search panel.

8. Where is the Flight leg detail?

Flight leg detail can be found by clicking on the arrows in the Results pop up window and takes you to a second window with further information on each flight leg.

9. How do you save flights to an itinerary?

When you hover over any flight result you will see an icon, which when you click, the flight will be added to the itinerary. Once you have clicked this icon it will change color, you know this flight has been added successfully.

10. Accessing Itinerary

Use the icon at the bottom left of your screen, bottom of the search panel. It is a small square. If you have a saved Itinerary there, it will display a number, the number of flights you have saved.

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