We understand that customers have a variety of different travel needs and preferences, and the railroad is still a first choice for many.  Based on availability, distance, and cost, the railroad still provides excellent travel services.  Understanding the need to analyze this mode of transportation, Innovata offers detailed data on Amtrak services.

With the RailBase system, you will receive:

  • Information on a variety of different train stations
  • Access to data on a large assortment of train schedules
  • Historical numbers and trends on train usage according to geographic and demographic segments.
  • A high standard of quality that goes into all of Innovata’s products.
  • Informed and experienced customer service
  • A relationship with an Industry leader in the travel data sector.

This is a system designed to give you access to robust railroad based data to help you get to where you need to go.  Whether you want to analyze the past history of railroad travel in different areas or develop a profile of how the average railroad passenger has evolved over the years, RailBase can help you do it.  Our data can help take your internal analysis and client offering to the next level by giving you a new road to take when it comes to railroad based information.  Try out our data today and see for yourself the possible avenues that your business can still carve out to achieve success.

Contact Innovata today to see how our RailBase system can benefit your organization.  We are here to help you customize our systems to fit your business and give you the best results possible.