Innovata understands the important of keeping up with trends in the Hotel industry, and we work hard to provide you with intricate information to assist your company. This system provides you with a variety of information on tens of thousands of different hotels to utilize anyway that it may best serve your needs.  We work hard to remove the barriers between current hotel trends and the ability to analyze and capitalize on them while they are still hot.

With the HotelBase system, you will receive:

  • Property Descriptions, Amenities, and related information on more than 70,000 individual hotels.
  • Easy integration into a variety of different online travel systems.
  • Dynamic, custom e-Directories
  • Data management for printed, electronic, or pdf directories
  • Innovata’s quality standards with which they manage all of their products
  • Access to excellent customer service
  • A partnership with an industry leader designed to take your business to the next level.

This is a system designed to meet the hotel data needs of your business.  Once you integrate our hotel data into your current system, you will be able to open up business paths that you may have thought previously inaccessible.  You will have the information to arrive at quality results, either internally or externally for your customers, without being limited by unreliable data.  Our system will help you and your business reach the growth levels you desire.

Contact us today if you would like to find out more information on how HotelBase, either alone or in combination with our other data services, can fulfill your business needs.