Flight Schedules Database

About Flight Schedules Database

This form of data contains passenger, cargo and airline schedules for virtually every operating scheduled airline in the world. Currently, Innovata has information for well over 900 airlines. Flight Schedule Data services travelers, application developers, and any aviation-related company that needs accurate, flexible web-based tools for travel planning and status updates. We update and refresh approximately 30% of the schedules database on a daily basis, 96% on a weekly basis and 99%+ on a monthly basis.


Delivery options

Innovata conveniently offers two forms of delivery options for flight schedule database:

  • For direct flights: We deliver information as flat files in either SSIM, .csv or XML formats. Another option is through online access via APIs.
  • For direct and connecting flights:  We deliver information as flat files in a fixed field, tab delimited or .csv formats. This can also be formatted online via API's.


Customized connection rules

Customers can specify connection building rules to suit their own unique requirements or take advantage of Innovata's proprietary weekly updated worldwide timetable file. This contains over 50 million online and interline connections and is filtered to ensure that only e-ticketable connections are included.


To find out more 

To learn more about our Flight Schedules Databases, please contact Innovata today.