Additional Travel Data

Innovata’s trusted data services, widely used throughout the aviation industry, don’t stop just because the runway does.  We pride ourselves on constantly developing new tools and solutions to help companies of all types achieve their short and long term goals by providing travel data across a variety of industries. Our most notable data services outside of aviation include our HotelBase, CarBase and RailBase systems.  All three of these systems contain a plethora of information to help the end user understand and utilize applicable data in a way that expands their current business growth model.

Additional Travel Data Resources:
•    HotelBase – Access to data on over 70,000 individual hotels.
•    CarBase – Access to data on over 80 car rental companies.
•    RailBase – Access to information & data on train stations & schedules.

We provide a variety of insights into these industries to help you solve your unique problems. We constantly strive to maintain secured and qualified databases so that our clients can benefit from the premium data services that aid their businesses.  If you are in need of hotel-based or car-based data services, feel free to click above to learn more.  

Additionally, you can always contact us to ask additional questions and gain even more insight into how Innovata can help you succeed.