Innovata's flagship database is its airline schedules database - marketed and distributed in association with IATA - following a landmark strategic agreement signed in 2003 to provide the aviation industry with a neutral, secure, and high quality source of airline data. 

Innovata's core expertise lies in the aggregation, management and distribution of a wide range of travel data:

Flight Schedules Data

Our Flight Schedules Data is updated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. With over 800 airlines currently included in our data, Innovata offers top quality information. Our database can be offered for both direct and direct/connecting flights. We also offer other unique specifications for customers.

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Minimum Connect Time Data

Innovata offers the most accurate and comprehensive MCT Data in the industry. There are currently close to 100,000 records in our system. We include IATA Standars, Int-Int, Int-Dom and Dom-Dom in our MCT.

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IATA Codes Data Files

Let Innovata take care of your IATA Code needs: we will streamline the application process, notify IATA of your schedule submission, and help you prep for distribution.

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Aircraft Seat Data

Innovata offers premuim Aircraft Seat Data for immediate use. This data is easy to obtain, as we have it readily available.

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Routing Connection Files

  • For customers not requiring a full schedule file, Innovata provides an option to receive just routing files consisting of origin, destination and connect points with airlines operating on each segment designated
  • Innovata provides a filing service for airlines to promote connections in the GDS by submitting routings favorable to their network. Airlines can pre-specify route generation criteria and Innovata apply additional sorting rules to ensure the final routings are efficiently represented in each GDS.
  • Innovata supports Sabre and Travelport (for Worldspan) formats.

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Ad Hoc Data Service

If your need for data schedules is infrequent, Innovata offers an ad hoc data bureau service. Whether you need urgent and up to date analysis on a region, an airport, airline or even an aircraft type - we can help.

  • Customised files in formats agreed with you
  • Rapid response and data turnaround.
  • No long term contractual commitment.
  • Simple costs based on data volume and complexity
  • Personal service

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Additional Travel Data

Innovata, the leading provider of aviation data, services and solutions also maintains a worldwide hotel database. Our services include hotel data for easy integration into online travel systems, dynamic custom e-Directories, and data management for printed, electronic or PDF directories.

  • HotelBase contains property descriptions, amenities and related information on over 70,000 individual hotels.
  • CarBase contains data on over 15,000 airport and off-airport car rental locations for over 80 car rental companies.

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Hotel Opportunities

Ask about our advertising opportunities for vendors interested in capturing the billion-dollar Government travel market on

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