SRS Analyser 2

Innovata, Diio and IATA bring you SRS Analyser

SRS AnalyserYou don’t have to wait for an industry newsletter to keep up with changes in global airline schedules. Since it was launched,  SRS Analyser has forever changed the way anyone in the aviation industry monitors and tracks the information critical to their business.

The software and User Interface for SRS Analyser was developed and is hosted by Diio, a market leading specialist in aviation Business Intelligence tools and technology, while the core content, the schedule data itself, comes from Innovata, and is refreshed every week with the latest data received from the world’s airlines. And since 2003, SRS Analyser has been jointly marketed with IATA and forms an integral part of the SRS Brand (Schedules Reference Service).

Originally, the system was built to provide users with the ability to generate and download reports on schedules by airline or groups of airlines, and schedules on city pairs, countries or regions. Reports could be generated on representative weeks for every month since 2000 and looking forward 11 months. This has proved to be a perfect choice, and still is, for users looking for quick and accurate trend analyses.

However, recent improvements to SRS Analyser now allow the production of fully dated reports across the full database, thus giving many users what they have requested - the flexibility of both query options.

In addition, and also in response to customer feedback, SRS Analyser now allows users to run instant month on month comparison reports, which is a quick and efficient way to track and monitor key schedules changes in key markets.

SRS Analyser subscribers consist of many of the world’s top airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers and aviation financial institutions.


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