Data Analysis

Data Analysis

When you are in the market for aviation based data tools, look no further than Innovata.  We have developed a variety of software and partnerships to make aviation data meaningful and usable to companies like yours.  Simply click on one of our product offerings below to learn more about how we can help you and your business.

  • FlightMaps Analytics: Powered by two powerful and well-respected aviation databases, FlightMaps is a map-based analytics product that can help you view historical data, filter current data, select reporting data ranges and so much more.

  • Seat 9K:  Innovata has worked closely with Seat 9K to develop two analytical products for use by aviation professions.  The QSI Market Analysis Service is designed as an easy way to look at schedule and predictive market share, while the Airport Market Intelligence Service gives a summary of schedule with an overview of month to month changes.

  • SRS AnalyzerAn online tool which utilizes Innovata’s SRS data to assist with analyzing schedule data and helping users to make informed decisions across many different sectors.

  • Hotel Data XChange E-DirectoryA downloadable solution allowing your customers offline access to hotel information through a dynamic, desktop-installed directory.  This product will help you solidify brand awareness and increase customer loyalty for years to come.

If you would like even more information about any of these specialized products, feel free to Contact Us today.