About Innovata

Innovata, part of Flightglobal, is a leading source of airline schedules data covering more than 800 carriers worldwide and is a strategic Partner of IATA, the trade association for the world's airlines. Innovata licesnses its schedules to clients across the air travel and transportation sectors; builds, hosts and maintains a wide range of electronic timetable and route network mapping solutions; feeds a range of third party aviation schedules analysis tools; and offers an affiliate partnership program through www.quicktrip.com to airports and other travel players.

Main Contacts:
Sales / Richard Thorne

Email: rthorne@innovata-LLC.com

Tel: +44 (0) 1582 635 018
Marketing / Catherine Masi

Email: cmasi@innovata-LLC.com

Tel : +1 678 318 3920
Invoicing/Accounts / Nikki Watkins

Email: accounting@innovata-LLC.com

Tel: +1 678 318 3960
Customer Service/Technical Support

Email: supportcenter@innovata-LLC.com

Tel : +1 888 639 8011