• Innovata
    As a global leader in travel data management and distribution solutions, Innovata has earned an excellent reputation for its progressive technology and commitment to customer service.
  • Data
    A comprehensive and continually updated airline flights database containing passenger and cargo schedules. Available in IATA's industry standard format (SSIM) and a range of custom formats.
  • Data Analysis
    Schedules and related databases provide powerful aviation intelligence with analytical tools from Innovata and a host of third-party applications and services.
  • Mapping
    Innovata's FlightMaps product is rich with functionality and is highly customizable. The flight maps dynamically plot and display all destinations and routes for flights the world over.
  • Timetables
    A completely customizable timetable portfolio that allows airlines and airports to market themselves across a wide variety of different desktop and mobile devices.
  • Affiliates
    Join one of the fastest growing travel affiliate programs available in the travel marketplace. Innovata's allows you to seamlessly integrate key travel information into your website helping you to build a loyal clientele and market your services.
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February 17 - 19, 2016

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Product Showcase
FlightMaps Design Edition

Newly released FlightMaps Design Edition provides you with a valuable route map creation tool that you can brand and export into your design applications for manipulation and editing. Specifically created for designers and marketers who need high quality reproduction.

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FlightMaps Analytics

We've added powerful features! Now you can import local data, combine and compare two datasets, and control and visualize your routes with new interactive map enhancements. FlightMaps Analytics extracts the entire Innovata global schedules database and presents users with instant and accurate metrics such as frequencies, capacities and market shares through visually stunning imagery.

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FlightMaps Mobile

FlightMaps Mobile is a sophisticated app blending flight schedules information with a dynamic and interactive route map. Developed for airlines and airports, FlightMaps Mobile is tailored to your brand and choice of schedules, providing transparency between customer searches and your booking site.

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Web Service Traffic Report 2016

Number of schedules queries made on clients' timetable and mapping web services hosted by Innovata so far this year.



Supplier Relations

Are you applying for an IATA
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A dynamic affiliate travel search program that offers co-branding and revenue sharing.

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Fed Travel

A robust and comprehensive travel planning site designed specifically for the government traveler.

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Supplier Relations

Innovata’s Supplier Relationship management, for our current and future airline & hotel partners.

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